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As you all know I drive a truck for a living and sometimes I get to travel to fun and exciting places. So where am I at this weekend?  I got stuck in Las Vegas Nevada for the weekend and may be here longer due to the fact there are no loads out here at this time. So what does a wild and crazy single man that wears a Cowboy hat do in Vegas on a Friday night?….anybody?………anybody?…….He laid on …the bed with his Dog’s and downloaded ringtone’s for his cell phone. Yea, baby it was so exciting. I found “The good, the bad and the ugly” theme for incoming calls. “Law and Order” theme for text messages and a nice song for a special friend I’ve been talking to as her ringtone.   But get this; I saved the best for last. I found John Wayne sound bites from his western movie days. I’m not sure what movie it’s from but every time I get a like or comment on my Facebook post’s I will hear the Duke say “Fill your hands you son-of-a-bitch.” I can’t wait to stand in line at Walmart now and you all make a comment or like on my Facebook posts. I’m hoping it will drive people nuts, so before I go in I will have to post something. So, let’s give me as many likes and comments you can so I can really and truly annoy people around me in public. Now the big question is. Its Saturday night and I’m still in Las Vegas ,hmmmmmmmm. I’m thinking a Walmart trip might be in order.lol

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North American Cougar

North American Cougar

The Cougar is a beautiful and majestic wild animal indigenes to the North American continent. Due to the fact that the hunting grounds have dried up some in North America they have had to relocate to survive. The Cougar population has spread to parts of Europe and even as far south as Australia. The resourcefulness’ of this wild animal and its will to survive are one that no other creature can match. The Cougar will do anything to keep her life style and the way of life she has been accustomed to.

The female Cougar will generally pick out her mate when she feels the need to do so. She usually goes for the oldest member of the community due to his rank or richness he can provide in pleasing the female and satisfy her needs. The female only mates a few times a year to the old male but still stands by his side only to show her support when he has to perform his civic duty.

The hunting skills of this animal are the most remarkable of all the big cats. Most Animals hunt the weakest or slowest pray so to be an easy catch. The Cougar likes the younger pray for the challenge of the hunt and show off to the rest of the animals in the wild of what she caught. The skills of this animal in devouring its pray are something to be desired for. Once these big cats sink their manicured nails into you and get a hold of you. You’re pretty much done for.

The Cougar keeps in great shape so to be able to catch her young pray as she gets older. They pride themselves on this and like to show those attributes off to the rest of the Cougar population. In closing as I look at the picture of this beautiful animal I can’t help think what it would be like to meet this animal in the wild. If I had my choice to be eaten alive by a wild animal I would have to say it would be the North American Cougar.

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October 24, 2013 · 10:02 am

My facebook friends

Today I am going through my friend’s list and deleting some. I have broken it down into categories that I feel are important. We all post things on FB that we are proud of. Some post about their Grandchildren, an award we received, some have kids that are proud of their child winning a spelling bee, or playing Football and there pet’s. And as you all know I post about my books I write. We want to share are accomplishments with others of things were proud of and there is nothing wrong with that. Friends do those interactions with each other to share information. So here we go.


 Category #1{politics} As we know there is a lot of unrest in this country right now with the Government Shutdown and the Healthcare Law and some not liking the ways things are going in general. I do not watch the news and some of you all help me keep up with national events from your post on here and those have been very helpful in knowing what is going on in the this country. I do thank you for that. But for some, enough is enough people. I really get tired of some post that has all negative impact on the current events. It’s a constant bashing on this or that. I also can’t stand all the political pictures with the made-up captions. Unless there funny and it gives me a good laugh and by all means keep posting those. In truth though I’m Sorry to say this, I don’t care about politics. I really don’t get involved in politics and I will admit I truly don’t understand them. Unless it’s the funny pictures that you all post. Those I get..HA HA.


 Category #2 {WTH} As we live or lives during the day and night we share all kinds of different things. But REALLY!!! I do not need to know how many times you went and pee’d in one day. Unless you’re having kidney problems, then I can understand why because that would have to do with medical issues you have. Nor do I care what type of toilet paper you use to clean up after yourself. I have my own brand I like, thank you very much. Now if you get into a fight with your next door neighbor because he ran over your cat. Then yes, let me know if you won the fight or not. OR if you have a hot 35 year old neighbor and she was standing naked in the window, I would like to hear about that one also. And having pictures to back up your story would be appreciated. A little info if she was married or single wouldn’t hurt the post either. But I do not care if you had Pizza for supper, or cooked a huge steak on the grill. But if I see you posting about cooking a huge steak and you didn’t invite me over to share it with you. Sorry, I will have to delete you.


 Category #3 {who are you} I get friends request from all over the world. But as I look at there Profile before I accept it. How did you find me, we have no mutual friends? What is your motive to send me a request? I look them over and see if there normal profiles. I have been getting a lot of friend request form these 20 to 30 year old hottie’s hardly wearing any clothes. I will not lie, it’s tempting to accept and start a conversation with them. But the pictures are to perfect and something tells me there not real. Most likely it’s a 45 year old man sitting in an easy chair in a bath robe that hasn’t showered in 3 days. I mean really, what would a 30 year old half naked hottie want with me. Did I say they were half naked?? Yes, sorry, my mind drifted for a second. Where was I???? Oh, I’m a 49 year old man that is bald and not a celebrity and not rich to boot. So again, who are you? Some I accept and never here from. They have been on my friends list for over a year and not once have we emailed or instant message each other in that time period. Hmmmmm! I hope there not some nut job stalker? If they were most likely they would have posted on their timeline that they were stalking me. So I think I’m safe. But will delete them anyway because there boring.


 Category #4{Non responders} I know we are all busy and sometimes we can’t reply back to an Instant message. It shows you read the message but again you don’t reply to me.

 After I send you a third message and I don’t hear from you. I began to worry. Where you sitting in your den and the drunken neighbor drive his car through your house and you’re in the hospital? In today’s technology we use or cell phones for FB most of the time. I am old school and like using the lap top. Hence the word old! I have a hard time seeing that small phone screen. You have you’re cell phone clipped to your hip while you are pumping gas. I message you and blow you up because of the kinetic energy released from you’re phone. I would feel bad about doing that and would understand why you couldn’t reply. But 6 months later and I see you posting something and all is well with you. I might get a little upset that you didn’t reply to my message so; I would have to delete you.


 In closing, these are a few reasons I will have to delete you from my friends list. I hope there will be no hard feelings.


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