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As you all know I drive a truck for a living and sometimes I get to travel to fun and exciting places. So where am I at this weekend?  I got stuck in Las Vegas Nevada for the weekend and may be here longer due to the fact there are no loads out here at this time. So what does a wild and crazy single man that wears a Cowboy hat do in Vegas on a Friday night?….anybody?………anybody?…….He laid on …the bed with his Dog’s and downloaded ringtone’s for his cell phone. Yea, baby it was so exciting. I found “The good, the bad and the ugly” theme for incoming calls. “Law and Order” theme for text messages and a nice song for a special friend I’ve been talking to as her ringtone.   But get this; I saved the best for last. I found John Wayne sound bites from his western movie days. I’m not sure what movie it’s from but every time I get a like or comment on my Facebook post’s I will hear the Duke say “Fill your hands you son-of-a-bitch.” I can’t wait to stand in line at Walmart now and you all make a comment or like on my Facebook posts. I’m hoping it will drive people nuts, so before I go in I will have to post something. So, let’s give me as many likes and comments you can so I can really and truly annoy people around me in public. Now the big question is. Its Saturday night and I’m still in Las Vegas ,hmmmmmmmm. I’m thinking a Walmart trip might be in order.lol

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