john miller author photo

“You’ll be Sorry!” is my first book. I don’t consider myself an author. I just had some ideas that I wanted to put down on paper. I sent this story to a few of my friends and they all agreed I needed to get this published. So I did. If you don’t like the story I will be more than happy to give you their names and addresses so you can hunt them down.” I’m joking”. My second story Friends and Strangers is about small town life in North Carolina. I like writing about small town life because I myself grew up in Oliver Springs Tn. My mom moved me there when I was 12 and I enjoyed growing up in a small community. To this day I try and keep in Touch with my graduating class from Oliver Springs through Facebook. I now live in Kingston which is 20 miles away. But my mom is still there and when I go visit her it brings back a lot of memories of when I grew up. I just finished my third story and it takes place out in a small town in Arizona it’s called Gladstone. I like the characters I created for Gladstone so much I decide to make that a trilogy series. I’m really excited about the Gladstone series and I hope you all enjoy reading it as I had so much fun in writing it. I like to write and share my ideas with friends and the public who likes a little mystery and romance and of course action and adventure. I’m not a professional writing by any means. But I hope the ones that read my stories like my imagination and characters I make up in them. In closing I would like to say.

” Be proud of where you come from, because it will reflect on what you have become today”


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