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October 30, 2013 · 11:57 pm

The simple life of a dog

I was home a few weeks ago and took the dogs outside to play. Just to watch them run around and the simple life they enjoy brings my heart happiness. I added music to it to set the mood. Hope you like it.

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October 30, 2013 · 11:00 pm

My boy’s

My boy's

I thought they had cute smiles on there faces. So I took a picture of them. And yes, the little buggers ate my Mcnuggets. lol

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October 30, 2013 · 10:39 pm

Free Gladstone Ebook

I’m proud to say I have 19 followers on my blog. I’m new to blogging and writing and pretty much a nobody at both. The Gladstone book is an idea I came up with that I’m proud of. I mixed old west with modern times. So far I have had 3 like the exert I posted on here. If you would like a free copy through Smashwords{Amazon wont let me give out free coupons} I can send you the coupon code in an email. The link is on the right of my blog post so leave your email in the comment section below. If you read the book and like it, all I ask is you leave a review on the Smashwords site. If you read it and don’t like it. Leave me a comment here so I can see why you didn’t like it and make changes. Does this sound like a fair deal? I hope you do like the book as so far I have received some good reviews. I thank you.


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Gladstone—- exert.

Late Friday afternoon around five o’clock Haskell Crane sat at his desk signing papers. The richest man in Colorado made his fortune from real estate, the gold market, and cheating others out of their money. Haskell appeared to be close to seventy years old. His gray hair had thinned a good bit, and he stood about five feet, ten inches tall. His health was starting to fail him and he wanted to put all his affairs in order. He signed off on his estate, giving everything to his office partner, who had stood by him through the years. Haskell had never had any children. His wife had died a few years back in an automobile accident.

So everything he owned went to his partner. What he didn’t want went to charity or to an auction house. He sent away the two clerks who had witnessed the documents. Next he dismissed his lawyer, who carried copies  of the papers away tucked in a file. Crane shoved his originals into the safe behind his desk just as the intercom buzzed on his desk. He leaned forward and hit the button. “Yes?”

“Mr. Crane, there is a John Smith to see you.”

“Send him in, and you can go home now, Marsha.” Crane leaned back in his chair as a large man came through the door. He crossed to Haskell and stood at parade rest in front of his desk.

“Please, have a seat.” Crane waved to a chair. The man sat. “John Smith; I like it.”

The man smiled. “I didn’t want to use my real name.”

“Good. Good.” Haskell crossed his arms. “So, have you got the men I asked for, and the equipment?”

John Smith leaned forward. “I have twenty men ready, just like you asked for.”

A small smile started to curl on Haskell’s face. “Are these good men? Did you get a man who can drive a tractor trailer, and one that can operate the heavy machinery?”

“I did just like you asked.”

Haskell leaned forward and grinned “We’re almost ready then, are we not?”

“Yes, we are. We would still like to know what it is you’re planning. You have spent a lot of money on men and equipment. When are you going to tell me what this is all about?”

“Today is your lucky day, John Smith. I will tell you everything you need to know. I have detailed maps, and you can run it by your men.”

John Smith smiled at Haskell. Haskell got up and motioned John Smith over to a large conference table on the other side of the room. Smith followed Haskell over to it. Lying on top of the table was a map of a town.

Haskell pointed at the map. “What do you see?”

John took a moment to study the map, wondering if he was missing something. Finally he replied, “It looks like a really small town.”

“Very good, Mr. Smith. It is a town. It’s a town in which we are going to steal something.”

John Smith just stood there and stared at the map. Haskell waited as if he expected Smith to say something, so he did. “So what are we going to steal?”

Haskell pointed at the map and said, “It sits right here.”

John Smith leaned in to see where his finger was pointing. “Founder’s Park?”

“Yes, Founder’s Park. There is a statue in the middle of the park and we’re going to steal it.”

John Smith scowled in disbelief. “A statue.”

“Now, Mr. Smith, it’s not like any statue you have seen before. It’s one of a kind.”

“If you say so.”

Haskell frowned slightly, but went on. “Now, we will come from the east along the road that leads into town.”

John Smith leaned down to see what he was talking about. “Ok. I’m with you so far.”

“When we get about a mile out of town we will walk the rest of the way. We will be met, of course, by the town’s population. I would say maybe around forty are left there. We will try and reason with them. If that doesn’t work, we kill them all.”

“Why don’t we sneak into town and catch them by surprise?” asked Smith.

“No,” replied Haskell. “They have surveillance and that won’t do any good. They will know we’re coming as soon as we get to the canyon mouth and start inward.”

Smith shrugged. “I have never seen a whole town that was protected by surveillance cameras before. But I’m sure my men can cut the feed to the cameras, anyway.”

“It’s not that kind of surveillance. Trust me on this one. It’s nothing like you have ever seen.”

“You’re the man paying the bills,” replied Smith.

“Indeed I am. Now, shall we proceed? When we get into town, we will be met by the sheriff. I will talk to him and tell him to leave. We should have fifteen of your best men with me in the street. Have your second team of men with night vision goggles and sniper rifles set up to cover us and search out the townspeople who will be waiting for us. If they don’t want to leave, then we take action and kill them all. Once they are all dead, we go to the large warehouse and get the equipment we need. In this warehouse –” Haskell pointed to the building on the map “ – There will be a tractor trailer. And this warehouse – ” He moved his finger over to the next building on the map “ – is where the heavy equipment will be located.”

John Smith nodded his head in acknowledgement. Haskell turned to John Smith. “The men you hired; are they cold blooded killers? Will they have a problem wiping out a town?”

Smith met Haskell’s gaze squarely. “No sir. for what you’re paying us, my men have no issues with that.”

“Good. Good.” replied Haskell. “Do you see this building here?”

John Smith leaned over to see where Haskell was pointing. “Yes, I see it.”

“That’s the town’s bank. I think there should be at least five million in there. So, once there is no one to stop us, your men can have that as a bonus.”

John Smith smiled at him. “That would be a pretty nice bonus.”

Haskell turned to John Smith. “Are we clear on this?”

“Yes sir. Crystal. I do have some questions, though.”

“You may ask your questions,” replied Haskell.

“How did you come up with this map and know what equipment is in what building? Second, what’s the name of this town?”

Haskell grinned and said, “It’s Gladstone, and I used to live there.”

“One last question. How are we supposed to wipe out a town and not worry about the consequences?”

“Don’t worry about that, once we’re done, and before we leave, we will bury the town by blowing out the sides of the canyon cliffs. It will look like Mother Nature took care of them.”

John Smith nodded his head in approval. “You have this all figured out. So, any idea when we do this, so I can tell my men?”

“Soon,” replied Haskell with an evil grin.

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Lonely man sitting on a bench

Lonely man sitting on a bench


October 30, 2013 · 8:58 am


Solitude is my friend and seclusion my companions  as they keep me sane and safe into the night.
I relish our time together as we talk to one another and the voices try to speak only as one.
It seems these are the only things that give me control in my life and I wonder why that is so?
It’s hard to consider as human nature tells us different and we should be with others and not alone?.
I ask this question of myself, are we destined for this in life and in death but the voices won’t speak?
I hope to find the answer someday, until then I will welcome my voices for at hand that’s all I have.

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